Iđunn : Cyser, Mead with Apple and Vanilla beans

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Iđunn : Cyser, Mead with Apple and Vanilla beans

Introducing our Mythic Collection. With the help of our Pagan consultant Aaron Pyne of Inner Realms Journey, we bring to you meads inspired by historical legends. Our Mythic Collection Meads are spontaneously fermented with wild yeast, leaving the gods to determine the path of the Mead.

In Norse mythology, Iðunn is a goddess associated with apples and youth. It is said that Iðunn apples grant of eternal youthfulness to the other Gods. Once when the giant Þjazi forced Loki to lure Iðunn out of Asgard, her absence causes the gods to grow old and grey.  It is safe to say things didn’t work out of Þjazi.

This Mead is the perfect marriage of Auckland Bush Honey, West Auckland Sturmer Pippin, Braeburn and Vanilla Bean. This full bodied Mead is Sweet but not too sweet with sliky smooth tannin and a long finish.

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